About us

About us

The National Eviction Team

The National Eviction Team

The National Eviction Team was founded over 20 years ago by Mike Anderson and Martin Leyshon. The company forms part of High Court Enforcement Group, which also owns The Sheriffs Office and Excel Civil Enforcement.


High Court Enforcement Group

High Court Enforcement Group is the largest High Court enforcement company in England and Wales, with more authorised and experienced officers than anyone else. This lets us put our clients first.

We are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations. We recruit excellent people and invest in their training, ensuring local knowledge, transparency and ethical behaviour – firm but fair enforcement.

Clients trust us to deliver and service is paramount. We cover all aspects of enforcement:

  • Possession/eviction and rent arrears (commercial and residential)
  • Commercial forfeiture
  • Judgment enforcement (including foreign judgments and employment tribunal awards)
  • Orders for delivery
  • Process serving


Mike Anderson – Director

Mike has been a bailiff since 1988 and joined his local Sheriffs Office in 1993. He received his appointment as a Sheriffs Officer in 1995 for various counties around the country.

In March 2004 he was appointment as an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO). Mike has a vast amount of experience, having been involved in every major eviction that the National Eviction Team has undertaken.

Mike served on the board of directors of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association and was their disciplinary chairman. He is also a Group Director of our sister company High Court Enforcement Group Limited, which provides enforcement solutions throughout England and Wales.

Mike deals with all things operational and serves in a bronze role when on an eviction site. He has extensive experience in dealing with trespassers and enjoys finding the right solutions to technical problems. He takes a practical approach to his role and embraces challenges.


Philip Evans – Director

Philip Evans is an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) and a solicitor. Philip and his team can deal with all aspects of an eviction, from advising on court procedure to the more technical aspects of stays of execution, bridle path access, Countryside and Wildlife Act and planning consents. 

Philip qualified as a solicitor in 1976 and has been an under sheriff from 1997 to date.  He has been part of UK Evict National Eviction Team for 12 years.

He has assisted on many evictions both in providing advice to claimants' solicitors advising on site and liasing on legal matters, most recently with Cheshire Police at Upton during a fracking protest.

Philip provides services to High Court Enforcement Group, dealing with issues that arise and applications made by parties involved in enforcement all over the country. He and his team have the capability to deal with the legal requirements for obtaining an order for possession and issue of a writ of possession against trespassers, advising generally or liaising with solicitors.


Martin Leyshon – Director

Martin started his enforcement career in 1989. He very quickly became an appointed Sheriffs Officer for numerous counties including Nottinghamshire. He received his appointment as an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer in March 2004.

He has tirelessly served the Civil Court Justice system in many areas. One area of expertise in which Martin has specialised since 1995 is the safe extraction of environmental protestors from their tree-top homes and underground tunnels by forming the National Eviction Team.

Martin has also been involved with every major eviction that the National Eviction Team has undertaken. His role is client/police/agency strategic planning, formulating the operational plan, health and safety plan, and risk assessment.

He served as the Chair of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association for six years, where he enjoyed forging the finer points of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations with the Ministry of Justice.

Although he retired as Chair in May 2016, Martin continues to serve on the High Court Enforcement Officers Association board of directors.


Alun Morgan - Operations

Alun has been the operations officer for the National Eviction Team since 2007, coming from a background in senior management and logistics.

He has built up a wealth of experience on various eviction sites from managing the full process and all other teams that are associated with an eviction.  Alun like all the team, has his SIA accreditation and can organise post protestor removal security that ensures land or buildings that we have recovered on your behalf remains in your possession.


Gary Bovan - authorised High Court Enforcement Officer

Gary joined the enforcement industry in 1986, where he practiced as a bailiff to the sheriff and as a certificated bailiff.

He has an active role within the National Eviction Team and has dealt with a number of large-scale evictions throughout England and Wales. He has a passion for recovery and believes in fast, effective enforcement. He is one of the very few HCEO’s who still has a practical hands-on approach to evictions. He demonstrates great strengths in his pragmatic approach to the preparation of complexed evictions regarding the operational planning and risk assessment.


David Asker – Consultant

David Asker is an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer with over 34 years’ experience in specialist evictions and enforcement. He has worked on the removal of demonstrators from complex and high-profile locations, including St Pauls (Occupy), Admiralty Arch, Bexhill-Hastings by-pass, Manchester Airport and numerous fracking sites, including Balcombe. David regularly works with the National Eviction Team as a consultant, providing valuable advice, experience and expertise.