Specialist teams

Specialist teams

Our Teams

Ground enforcement team

Our ground enforcement team is made up of highly trained Enforcement Agents, most of whom are licensed under the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2014. We have further accredited them under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, which includes security.


Lock on removal team

Our dedicated lock on removal team has a wealth of experience in dealing with protestors who are locked on, with the aim of delaying their removal from site.


Evidence gathering team

A small team built up with extensive experience in capturing the action on site for evidential purposes. The videos taken are protected under Data Protection legislation, but are made available should an arrest be made and prosecution follow. They are clearly identified on site by wearing tabards with EGT on their back.


Climbing team

Our climbing team is contracted to us through Richard Turner Limited, who have provided accredited IRATA level 111 technicians to the National Eviction Team since 1995.  There is a tree surgeon capability in this team that is used for branch removal that enables the protestors to be lowered to the ground without obstruction.

The climbing personnel are highly professional and highly skilled while safely removing protestors from height. Richard has a wealth of experience in this area. The climbers have no reservations in carefully removing a protestor from any height to include, buildings, trees, cargo nets, platforms, rope walkways, tripods and roof-tops. They are dedicated professionals who always get the job done.


Tunnelling team

Our tunnelling team is contracted to us through ASAP Specialist Security Services Limited, who provide highly skilled and highly trained personnel. The team has worked with the NET for over 12 years.

All of the team have completed a confined space course to Water UK level NC1/NC2. The course assesses the individuals on awareness of the Confined Space Regulations 1997, ventilation and communications in confined space, atmospheric monitoring, biohazards, decontamination and managing protestors in confined spaces.

It has become apparent after the last few major evictions that protesters have started to experiment when digging tunnels. In other words, by using delaying tactics such as back-filling the tunnel.  This method is the most effective way of prolonging the process making it time consuming and expensive for the client. To counteract this, we offer a 24-hour operation, thereby speeding up the eviction. A full “Sequence of Events” document can be viewed upon our appointment.


Site security team

Following any eviction, the landowner always has the headache of cleaning up the mess and securing the land or premises. All our personnel are SIA Licensed therefore we can offer personnel to stay on as security with the added advantage that we can leave the writ open for a three-month period or longer if required. This is effective in persuading the occupiers not to return after being removed. It gives the landowner the peace of mind of knowing that his lands or buildings are protected.