Health & safety

Health & safety

Health & Safety

We take the Health and Safety aspect of what we do very seriously. We have an extensive generic policy that has been written with hindsight encompassing the many years’ experience that we have gained. Although we have a generic policy in place, there is always something additional relating to dynamic-risk while we are on an eviction encampment.


Each site individually risk assessed

Dealing with very serious protestors and activists is similar in principle to playing a game of chess: they make a move - we make a move, they make another move. To date it has ended up in a case of checkmate to the National Eviction Team.

We do not act precipitately. We proceed with caution, assess the risks and address them.


Health & Safety Executive

In the early years, we worked closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). They will be the first to admit that they were also on a learning curve in agreeing our methodology statements and risk assessments.

Over many trusted years of safely removing protestors, the National Eviction Team has the confidence of the HSE to undertake this very high risk work.